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Cosibo is specialised in manufacturing and b2b sales of high quality aftermarket spare parts for european vehicles like Scania and Volvo. Our parts are alternative and interchangable with the original ones with a wide range that is mostly focused on the truck and bus sector, including also many references for marine engines.

Cosibo S.p.A. is born as family business in Bologna Province: an area known all over the world as "Motor Valley"​, land of enormous mechanical tradition, especially for what it concern alloy parts manufacturing. Over the years we changed our business model from "family company"​ to "industry"​, gaining the trust of our customers in over 50 countries.The outstanding quality of our mechanical processes, an advanced Technical Area and a young and dynamic Export Department, make Cosibo a challenging environment: "The winning union between craftsmanship and modern industry."


In over 29 years of activity, the Company has gone from strength to strength with production that makes it one of the most qualified firms on the market today.

With its perfect knowledge of products,  total mastery of the technological processes, their great skill in managing commercial deals, makes Cosibo one of the most reliable and competitive companies in the field, both in terms of products quality and punctuality.

Operating in a market such as heavy vehicles, where the evolution of models, technological innovation and product reliability are the key factors to success, the ability to innovate and update the range of available spare parts is an absolute and unavoidable value for the Company, and it’s always been a strength in Cosibo’s business.


Every original spare part is studied, tested and “re-designed” by our technical staff composed by the most qualified mechanical engineers in this field. This is a very delicate step: it is necessary to have a particular skill in the required technologies and a perfect knowledge of the materials, in order to guarantee that Cosibo products have the same specifics corresponding to the original parts.
Another fundamental step is the identification of the best companies and contractors to manufacture our large range of products. Cosibo is involved in several partnerships and co-operations with some of the most qualified manufacturers in various fields.
Mechanics, first and foremost due to the enormous tradition in Emilia Romagna in this specific sector, but also in electronics, plastic materials moulding, oil hydraulics and other companies specialised in the production of spare parts. According to its policy, Cosibo has established reliable partnerships with all these companies, the resulting that we offer not only outstanding quality products but also short turnaround times.
Our mission is to supply reliable and efficient service to any single customer all over the world.


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Manufacturers and exporters: Top Italian quality aftermarket and replacement spare parts for european trucks and buses. Mainly focused on alloy parts suitable for brands like Scania and Volvo.

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